فرز حسب
فرز حسب
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pear bear handmade soap mainpear bear handmade soap in use
Pear Bear Soap Treat
السعر المخفَّض$19.00
2 Scent Options!
Sea Shell Soap TreatsSea Shell Soap Treats
Sea Shell Soap Treats
السعر المخفَّض$11.00
Donut Soap
السعر المخفَّض$12.00
Nourishing Whipped Soap
السعر المخفَّض$18.00
Jumbo Macaron Soap
السعر المخفَّض$11.00
Magical Unicorn Rubber Ducky Soap Treats
السعر المخفَّض$11.00
Pie Soap Treats
السعر المخفَّض$14.00
Soap Minis
السعر المخفَّض$16.00
6 Scent Options!
Jumbo Donut Soap TreatsJumbo Donut Soap Treats
Jumbo Donut Soap Treats
السعر المخفَّض$25.00
Cupcake Soap
السعر المخفَّض$14.00
5 Design Options!
صابون ميرميد مطاط داكيصابون ميرميد مطاط داكي
صابون ميرميد مطاط داكي
السعر المخفَّض$9.00
نفدت الكمية
Ice Cream Soap
السعر المخفَّض$16.00
Loofah Soap
السعر المخفَّض$11.00
Exfoliating Hand WashExfoliating Hand Wash
Exfoliating Hand Wash
السعر المخفَّض$18.00
Mystery Whipped Soap
السعر المخفَّض$15.00 السعر العادي$18.00

Handmade Soap FAQ

Our handmade soap is world famous for it's charming design. Whether you're buying for yourself, your kids or as a gift, we're sure you have questions. Here are a few answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Are They Really Handmade?

Yes! Our handmade soaps are all made by our amazing team of soap artists at our facility in sunny Las Vegas, NV. We have a team of over 40 soap artists that hand pour our soap bases into every mold.

They then drizzle and top each soap carefully, which is why we say that each soap treat is handmade with a little love from our team. If you want to see a little behind the scenes you can watch the video on our about page here.

We love creating magical moments for all of our customers with our one-of-a-kind handmade soap treats, and we can't wait to have you join our community!

Are They Safe For Children?

Always! We only use plant based ingredients in our Nectar treats and our handmade soap isn't any different. We infuse every soap treat with a healthy dose of coconut oil to help moisturize skin and use all natural micas as colorants.

We design every soap treat with both kids and adults in mind, because we believe people of every age should be able to experience the joy our soap treats bring.

Give them a try today with your little ones and you'll see their eyes light up and enjoy bathtime more than ever with our soap treats!

How Fast Is Shipping?

Our handmade soap treats, and all of our Nectar treats ship direct from our facility in Las Vegas, NV. Typically they will arrive within 2-5 days with standard shipping.

However, we do offer expedited two day shipping and Nectar digital gift cards to ensure you're never too late for a last minute gift!


How Long Do Your Handmade Soap Treats Last?

Great question! Depending on the type of soap treats you choose (donut, macaron, pie, ice cream, etc.), they can last anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks!

They're very dense and larger than you would expect, which is why so many people love ordering them for themselves and as gifts. As mentioned above, our soap treats are great for kids because they're each infused with coconut oil, but also last a really long time, which means more fun in the tub or shower for your little ones.

If you love our handmade soap treats, you'll also love our bubble bath, bath bombs, coconut wax candles, body butter and body scrub collections!