5 Need-To-Know Spring Skin Care Tips For Flawless Skin

5 Need-To-Know Spring Skin Care Tips For Flawless Skin

Spring Skin Exfoliation

#1: Exfoli-YAY-te Your Skin

Winter weather comes with the dry skin gloom, with warmer weather on the way, rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating and allow your summer shine to glow through. Exfoliating is a relaxing and fulfilling way to shed off the dead skin cells collected throughout the chilly season. Treat yourself to a delightful vegan friendly scrub, they’re packed with natural exfoliants like sugar, blueberry and cranberry seeds that leave your skin feeling silky smooth for hours!

Spring sunscreen application

#2: Here comes the sun..screen!

With the summer season approaching, it is a wonderful time to start on your sunscreen stocking. We love the warmth and the sun shining on our skin but, with more sun exposure comes the potential harm from UV rays. We recommend lathering up in non-comedogenic face and body sunscreen to limit the chances of clogged pores. Please make sure to apply at least 50 SPF, even during overcast days, to prevent any damage to your sensitive skin!

Spring skincare tip: drink more water

#3: Why bother with water?

Hydration and a proper diet is the year round key to clearer and luxurious skin. Fitting more water into your daily consumption is a simple solution to rid your face of toxins. 8 glasses of water a day may seem a tad unexciting so feel free to infuse your water with your favorite fruits! We recommend an ice cold water mixed with delicious cut lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint - a mouthwatering remedy that you can drink in the bath and enjoy spa style!

Clean your cosmetic brushes
#4: Clean your Cosmetic Brushes

Try kicking off each week with a freshly cleaned set of makeup brushes! Foundation and other makeup products leave some serious germ build up on our everyday makeup tools causing the bristles to harden. The stiff brush strokes and excess of bacteria on your bush can easily cause breakouts and irritation. Bust out your favorite cosmetic cleaner and notice your radiant skin bloom through!

Spring skin care tip: use eye cream

#5: We scream for eye cream

Have you ever wondered what would help with the result of sunshine squints on the days you forgot your sunglasses at home? Well, we’ve got the answer for you! Our natural eye squint is our eye’s defense against our vibrant sun, although it serves a good purpose, it may cause unwanted wrinkles in the process. Eye cream can help with fine lines and wrinkles, along with dark circles making it a lovely addition to your daily skin care routine!