5 Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms

5 Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms

As a busy mom, you know this feeling all too well ... Every time you sit down for some much needed “you time”, someone needs help with something and - BAM -  you have to get right back up again. You’d love to relax, but the thought of taking a quick breather stresses you out even more!

Busy Mom Baby Home Work

Friends and coworkers suggest ideas to relax like going on a walk, taking a bath, meditating, or yoga. While yoga does have several benefits - let’s face it - have you really ever felt at ease while in the Pigeon Pose? We didn’t think so.

Your friends and coworkers have your best interest in mind, but busy moms don’t always have time for a long bath or an hour of yoga. Instead, we recommend these five simple relaxation tips for any busy mom who’s in a pinch!


1) Open the Windows and Light Candles

You’d be amazed at what some fresh air can do for your mood! Start your morning with a soft, summer breeze and a warm cup of coffee or tea. Listen to the chirping birds sing their songs and maybe even toss out a handful of birdseed for them to snack on.

Open Windows Breezy Relax
Light a few candles and fill your home some of your favorite smells as the morning sun rises. Even if you have your family’s lunches to pack or some computer work to catch up on, doing these quick things will help keep you at ease as you start your day. 


2) Add Some Plants to Your Decor

Bringing a little greenery indoors can do wonders for de-stressing you and your home. Not only do plants look aesthetically pleasing with any décor, but they naturally purify the air too! If you’re feeling a little drab or those sniffles can’t be snuffed, try filling your home with colorful succulents and Golden Pothos to cleanse out those tiny pollutants.


Fresh Green Plants Indoor


Your home will feel brand new in no time! Don’t worry if your thumbs aren’t the greenest … these types of plants are low maintenance and require very little work to keep thriving. 


3) Turn on Some Music and Dance

With all the beautiful, new plants in your home, you may feel the need to clean and reorganize. However, try not to think of it as another mind-numbing chore! Keeping your home clutter-free will actually ease some tension and make you feel much better. And luckily, there is one tried and true way to make cleaning more fun … music!


Dancing Mom Daughter


Whether it’s smooth jazz or hard rock that gets your toes tappin’, tune into your favorite playlist and get to shakin’! Cut a rug while you vacuum it … sock hop while you mop … bust a move while you dust a room. Who knew doing chores could be so much fun?


4) “Treat” Yourself to an At-Home Pedi

Did all your movin’ and groovin’ get your dogs -a - barking? Well, how about a sweet treat for your feet!? There’s no need to leave your home or empty your wallet … just put on your coziest clothes and turn on your favorite Netflix binge.

Next, fill a large tub with warm water and drop in a decadent bath bomb. We recommend our calm your spirit lavender bath bomb. Now kick back and relax as your hard-working feet soak in fresh and fruity goodness!


At Home Pedicure

5) Dessert and Wine

Speaking of sweet treats, don’t let your tootsies have all the fun! On those super stressful days, give in to your taste buds and indulge in a little dessert. Don’t worry about baking a fancy cake or whipping up a complicated tiramisu … we’re willing to bet you already have something in your kitchen that’ll do the trick.


Ice Cream Wine

Even for the pickiest of diets, a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to satisfying that sweet tooth. For an extra boost of relaxation, can you guess what pairs well with dessert? A lovely glass of wine, of course!

Perhaps a buttery Chardonnay to go with that spongy snack cake? Or maybe a full-bodied glass of Merlot to wash down that dark chocolate candy bar? Delish!

Relaxing doesn’t have to be a meticulously planned out activity that could completely contradict the purpose of rest and restoration. These tips are things you can do anytime to keep you feeling lighter and brighter every day!