9 Steps to Show Respect For Your Body

9 Steps to Show Respect For Your Body


Women interested in fashion and beauty tips are constantly exposed to high standards of thinness and appearance on a regular basis in printed and electronic media. The next level of what is hot or sexy, if taken seriously, has the potential of damaging a healthy body-image. So how do you undo the damage of appearance-obsession and start to accept your body?

Here is a list of ways to start making peace with yourself & loving you:

1. The intimate knowledge of your body is the key in developing respect and a healthy relationship with it.
2. Moving your body in the many ways it was meant to move, is the way to get to know it. The human body was meant to move, constantly.
3. Moving your body for just functioning and utility is not enough. Move it for pleasure: dance like no one is watching, play a fun sport or try a new fitness class.
4. Relax. Let your body teach you what it wants and needs.
5. Give up on the habit of comparing yourself with others around you and with images in the media.
6. Make peace with your family's expectations about your appearance. In many cases, it is not you who demands perfection; it's a family member...
7. Show respect to your physical reality through healthy nutrition and adequate rest.
8. Accept the reality of your natural size and shape. Become aware of the hazards of the condition called body-dissatisfaction.
9. Realize that the standards of beauty in our culture are driven from the outside in and do not fit how most of us are built.

The decision to make peace with your body can give you great relief instead of grief! Once you make peace with your whole body, New Years' resolutions, birthdays and aging don't have to include empty promises about your body-image.

Un-Trap Yourself!