Stop In The Name of Skin! 18 Ultimate Skin Sins to Avoid.


Did you know your skin is a reflection of your overall body health? If your skin is showing signs of dehydration, oiliness, itchiness, or redness, it might be the result of something you're completely unaware of! Below is a list of habits that could possibly be contributing to your skin issues:

1) Forgetting the Sunscreen

You hear it all the time: if you're not slathering on that sunscreen, you're allowing harmful UV Rays wreak havoc on your skin. Sun damage can happen at any time, not just days by the pool. Daily sunscreen application means better protection from the sun and it's damaging side effects. Always remember that one application in the morning won't cut it. You should be re-applying every two hours to maximize the coverage. 

2) Smoking

Nicotine is known to reduce blood flow to your skin. With decreased blood flow, your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen and nutrients brought to it. Not to mention, some chemicals tobacco can damage the collagen and elastin proteins that give your skin structure and bounce. 

3) Food Choices

Peaks and valleys of insulin levels can affect the ways your skin absorbs nutrients. By eating small, healthy snacks every two to three hours will help keep your insulin at steadier levels. Be sure to keep loads of fruit and vegetables in your diet, as well! They provide the necessary vitamins and antioxidants your skins needs to thrive. 

Also, remember that high sodium snacks can lead to skin dryness and dullness. On the other side of the pallet, excess sweets can possibly weaken the collagen living in your skin. If your sweet tooth is too much to handle, snack on some juicy strawberries or slices of mango. 

Moderation is always key, but if you're missing those craveable goodies somethin' fierce, check out our delectable selection of Soap Treats. You may not be eating them, but you CAN bathe with them! 

4) Pimple Popping

Picking at blemishes and pimples on your face will only more push dirt and bacteria deeper into your pores, causing even more breakouts. 

5) Sleepy Without Washy

After a long day of work, preparing meals, chasing the kids around, and cleaning, it may be tempting to just crash right into your pillow without washing your face. Your skin does most of it's absorbing while you sleep so if you don't thoroughly cleanse before bed, your face is sucking up all the dirt, makeup, and bacteria right into its pores.

6) Skipping Meals

Skipping meals means you're not getting the vitamins and nutrients your skin needs, causing your skin to appear to age faster and dry out more often. Meals and snacks with lots of vitamins C, B3, E, and A can do wonders for your skin's health! 

7) Swimming

Taking a dip in the pool is perfect for some much-needed R&R ... it's relaxing, it's refreshing, and it's fun! But don't forget about the effects it has on your skin!

Even after a quick rinse off, chlorine from the pool water can still cling to your skin. In order to remove the chlorine effectively, use a soap with some serious lather! We recommend our Cucumber Mint Loofah Soap for your post-pool regimen. Not only is it rich in ingredients like coconut oil and oat protein, but the cool, minty fragrance will feel amazing on your sun-tanned skin!   

P.S. Revisit #1 ... Don't forget your sunscreen! ⛱

8) Showering

It's true that certain shower habits can harm your skin: but we're not saying "DON'T SHOWER!" because ... you know ... ew. 

Depending on your daily lifestyle, you can limit the number of showers you take a week. Excessive showering can strip away essential oils from the outermost layer of your skin causing cracking and dryness; especially if the shower is too hot or too long. Unless you work up a serious sweat during your work out or your job is a heavily-odored environment, showering two to three times a week will do the trick. 

9) Dehydration

Thirsty? Drink some water. Not thirsty? Still, drink some water! You need it AND your skin needs it. 

Dehydration can lead to a multitude of health issues, and that includes issues with your skin. There are many things throughout the day that are dead set on drying out your skin ... certain foods, topicals, weather elements, pollutions ... fight back with hydration! 

10) Not Enough Zzzz's 😴

If you're sleep deprived, your body produces an extra amount of the stress hormone, cortisol. High levels of cortisol means higher levels of inflammation. Getting the recommended amount of sleep at night can keep your stress levels at bay, leaving your skin clear and refreshed each morning.  

11) Your Cell Phone

Our phones have become like a new extension of our bodies, going everywhere we go. It collects bacteria from inside your purse, from countertops and public tables, and from everything our hands touch. When you put your phone up to your face to talk, you're transferring all that grime right onto your skin. 

That bacteria can lead to breakouts, specifically on your cheeks and jawline. To avoid this, keep alcohol wipes close by so you can sanitize your cell phone daily. Who's calling? Clear skin, that's who! 

12) Pillow Talk

At night, your pillowcase is soaking up all your oils and dead skin cells. Gross, right? Over time, all that gunk will start to develop bacteria and absorb right back into your face. Toss those pillowcases in the washing machine at least once a week to keep your pillow from growing its own zip code. 

13) Exfoliating Too Much

We know you can't get enough of our Sugar Body Scrubs (and neither can we!) but it's smart to limit your exfoliating to about one a week. Too much scrubbing can strip away your skin's natural oils that give you your healthy, hydrated glow. 

14) Turn That Frown Upside Down

There's always a reason to smile! But if it's just one of those days when nothing is going right, try to remember what all that stress and frowning is doing to your skin. 

Not only will the stress cause inflammation and breakouts, but frowning can lead to permanent lines and wrinkles around your mouth and brow. So, even if you're not having the best of days, at least you know your smile will go a long way as far as your skin is concerned!

15) Dry Cleaning

If your clothes are making regular trips to the dry cleaners, the plastic they wrap your clothes in could possibly transfer some skin-harming chemicals onto your clothes, thus onto your skin. Remove that plastic (and recycle!) as soon as you get home to allow your freshly cleaned threads to breathe. 

16) Not Enough Exercise

Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a jog, or shakin' your thing in Zumba class, you're giving your body and skin a multitude of benefits. Regular exercise cleanses the body of toxins and helps increase blood flow. 

Working out will help keep your skin clean, hydrated, and renewed. Now get out and go put the "FIT" in FITness! 💪

17) Dirty Makeup Brushes

If you're using old or unclean makeup brushes every morning, you could be applying more than just makeup onto your skin. Brushes hold in old product, dirt, and bacteria if they're not being washed regularly. 


Without washing your brushes at least once a week, you could be experiencing more skin irritation and breakout as a result of the buildup. 

18) Hair Products

Do you often get small, red bumps around your hairline? That could actually be caused by the hair products you're using. Some hair products could contain oils or chemicals that are clogging those pores along the top of your forehead. 

Try doing your hair before your makeup, that way you'll be able to wipe your face clean of any product residue before you apply your makeup.

Small changes to your daily habits will get you to fall in love with your skin all over again ❤️ By avoiding these skin sins, you'll start noticing positive differences on both the inside and the outside of your body quicker than you can say "Hasta la vista, bad skin!" 

Be an angel 😇 and share these skin sins with all your friends!