Creative Ways To Wow Your Mom This Mother's Day

Creative Ways To Wow Your Mom This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9. When hinting around for gifts that Mom may want, do you hear “I don’t need anything”? Most women, especially Moms, always want to be appreciated and remembered.

One of the most precious gifts you can give any person is time, so why not give her just that? Plan to spend the day with your Mom (or someone special that you consider to be like a Mom). Here are a few creative ideas to inspire you.

Brunch at a waterfront restaurant. Make reservations at her favorite spot and enjoy some mimosas while taking in the view and the sun. Check for restaurants with outdoor seating. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, order takeout instead, pack it up in a picnic basket and surprise her. Settle in and see what’s on Netflix.

A local paint and sip craft class.

Is this something you have in common? Check out area businesses or online at to find a project you would enjoy doing together. Create a fun, beachy sign or paint wine glasses while enjoying a cocktail and snacks.

Does she like antiques? Browse a few shops in search of a unique container, pitcher or bottle and fill it with her favorite flowers or a plant. Every time she uses it, she will think of you.

Go through those boxes of old family photos you’ve been saving. Pick out some favorites of her parents, siblings, you, the grandkids, vacations and create a special book. Include a few extra pages with handwritten memories, a favorite poem or the reasons you love Mom (her smile, her confidence).

Does she need some “me-time”? A spa gift certificate or a mani pedi appointment (for two!) might be nice. Or, fill a basket with her favorite coffee or tea, a scented candle (like our Periwinkle Dream or Coconut flavors), and a book she has been wanting to read.

Teach Mom something. Show her just how important it is to spoil herself. Stop by a Nectar Bath Treats Shop or browse together online at Pick some sweet surprises for her, like our special Mother’s Day Bath Bombs, Gifts Sets and other treats.

And, be sure to talk a few pictures during the day.  Frame a favorite Mother’s Day photo as a little extra surprise.