Mix and match any four bath bombs from the list below:



Stimulate Your Passion (Orange)

Enjoy a delightful blend of sweet, fresh nectars of strawberry, white peach, and tangerine scents.

Coconut Dream (Blue/Pink)
This Exotic Coconut and Acai scented bomb will create vibrant swirls of blue water, whisking you away to an enchanted oasis! 
Calm Your Spirit (Purple)
Clean and delicate herbal notes of lavender, chamomile, and warm honey.
Cleanse Your Soul (Blue)
Vibrant and breathtaking blue and white swirls of cool water and delicate white musk with fresh aquatic notes will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.
Peaches and Cream Bath Bomb (Peach)
Light and fruity blend of sun-ripened peaches and sweet vanilla cream, embedded with a peach soap slice.
Awaken Your Senses (Green)
Refresh your spirit and awaken your senses with scents of peppermint, clary sage, and juniper berry!
Detoxify Your Mind (Yellow)
This treat is scented with tangy grapefruit, nectarine and apricot aromas and hints of sweet mango, watermelon and strawberry.
Exotic Acai & Mangosteen (Pink/White)
Exotic Acai & Mangosteen (Pink/White)
A swirling pink bath fit for a queen awaits with our newest bath bomb, which is beautifully fragranced with exotic Acai and Mangosteen.
fruit smoothie bath bomb
Fruit Smoothie (Red/White)
With our juicy, fruit smoothie bath bomb, you’ll feel fresh as a summer daisy as scents of strawberry, banana, and peach replace all the stresses you’ve absorbed from the day.
lemon drop bath bomb
Lemon Drop (Yellow/White)
As you soak in our lemon drop bath bomb, you’ll envision a big bowl of sparkling sugar next to handfuls of bright yellow lemons that are just begging to be squeezed over a giant pitcher of cold ice.
tropical punch bath bomb
Tropical Punch (Orange/White)
With notes of raspberry, strawberry, and tangerine, you’ll be whisked away to a cozy beach chair nestled in the sand of a lush, tropical paradise. 
watermelon blast bath bomb
Watermelon Blast (Green/White)
Soak in nostalgia with our fun watermelon blast bath bomb! Look back on the warm, summer days you ran through the sprinkler with blades of grass stuck to your feet and a juicy slice of watermelon in the grasp of your pruned little fingers. 
Each extra large bath bomb s brimming with bentonite clay, epsom salts and sweet almond oil for an unmatched bathing experience that leaves you with silky smooth skin!