Bathe Like a Queen: Milk Baths are Making a Comeback!

milk bath

Her image is the everlasting epitome of influential beauty. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that she was the absolute foundation of seduction and intelligence of her dynasty. 

Born of Greek heritage turned ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra believed herself to be a living goddess in the flesh. She carried herself with such confidence and poise that few could resist her desirable charm. She exuded elegance from the inside out, but good looks weren't her only allure ...

Cleopatra was inherently intelligent: She spoke many languages and was educated in several subjects that were highly uncommon for women in her era. Cleopatra used her acute intellect to fulfill her desire to preserve the vitality of her skin. In order to do so, Cleopatra was known to bathe in milk to maintain her beautifully, youthful complexion.

Hey ... a woman who ruled an entire kingdom can’t be wrong, right? Here at Nectar Bath Treats, we took a page out of Cleopatra's ... ummm ... hieroglyphics and developed a kind of milk bath with our own Nectar twist - Milkshake Bath Soaks

Our Milkshake Bath Soaks are loaded with tons of natural treasures that will make your skin feel as pure and magnificent as an Egyptian oasis.

The ingredients we use in our Milkshakes are completely unique and customized with you in mind. This enchantingly moisturizing treat contains elements, that when combined together, create a deliciously lavish bath experience fit for a queen! 

Coconut Milk

Known to be one of the healthiest foods on earth, coconut milk provides dozens of nourishing properties for our bodies and our skin. 

The benefits of coconut milk are all thanks to a multitude of vitamins, including vitamins C and E. Combined, these vitamins act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help your skin heal and repair. Not to mention, they also produce collagen molecules to keep your skin soft and supple. 

Sea Salt

Have you ever heard the quote by Isak Dinesen saying, "The cure for anything is salt water ..."? Well, that's been a concept dating all the way back to ancient Greeks and Romans. Most people know that sea salt is great for exfoliating dead skin cells, however, people were also known to use warm seawater for several different therapeutic purposes including relaxation, detoxification, and to improve sleep quality. 

At Nectar, we use all natural sea salt that is harvested from evaporation ponds in Northern California which are drawn from the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Combined with the other ingredients found in our Milkshakes, you'll be soaking in a bath full of rich and foamy goodness!  

Tapioca Starch and Baking Soda

Derived from the cassava root, tapioca starch provides a silky, velvety feel during application. It keeps your skin feeling light and airy by eliminating greasy oils and aids in delivering essential ingredients into the skin. 

Baking soda is useful for drying out excess oils on your skin and eliminating unsightly zits and pimples. It also contains anti-bacterial properties that help prevent future acne breakouts. 

Citric Acid

Citric acid is beneficial at speeding up new cell turnover. Once old skin cells are cleanly whisked away, it leaves room for young, fresh skin cells to grow. This process helps diminish the appearance of small wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and balance out uneven skin tone. 

     Bath Soak

    You don't have to rule a kingdom in order to bathe like a goddess. All it takes is one of our uniquely crave-able Milkshake Bath Soaks and you'll be strutting around, oozing with divine confidence like Ms. Cleopatra, herself!