Nectar Bath Treats Love Week

Nectar Bath Treats Love Week

“The greatest thing we can do is help someone know they are loved and capable of loving.“ Fred Rogers.

Love? Love! Since the beginning of time human beings have been searching for love, for that feeling we get when we’ve found THE ONE, for the moments in life that leave us feeling inspired, joyful and like we belong. For many of us, our entire existence is centered around this search, centered around the idea that once we’ve found love everything else will fall into place.

During the month of February we celebrated “Love Week” at Nectar Bath Treats. A week designed with a specific goal in mind: to spread love across the company and remind our Nectarines how it feels to give and receive love.

Each Nectarine pulled a name of a fellow coworker and was given the opportunity to show that coworker some love every day during the week of Valentine’s Day, with the encouragement to get to know their co-workers, to understand what brings them joy and how they like to receive love and appreciation.

Most of us expect to receive love from familiar and traditional places, our family, our friends, or partners. “Love Week” gave our Nectarines the opportunity to give and receive love from unexpected places and in unexpected ways.
What if we stopped searching for love and let love come to us? What if we simply believed we deserved to be loved and put our energy into giving love?

“Love Week” gave us a glimpse into a world where people felt loved consistently, and didn’t have to search for that feeling. People felt included, people spent time genuinely showing love in ways that were unique to those receiving it. “Love Week” was a week that embraced the understanding that in the midst of showing love, you find love within yourself.