Nectar Children's Hospital Outing with The Blind Center of Nevada

Nectar Children's Hospital Outing with The Blind Center of Nevada

The start of a new year is filled with cliche phrases like, “New Year, New You,” sayings that tie us to the belief that a new year will bring us something different, often without understanding what it takes to truly change our lives.

Habits are something we talk a lot about with our Nectarines, understanding that to achieve your goals, you have to first, change old and second, establish new (and improved) habits. The same can be said for serving others; when you make a habit of being of service your life will change and grow in abundance.  

Soul-FULL Nectar gives Nectarines ongoing opportunities to make service a habit with self directed “random acts of kindness,” and unique outreach opportunities that take them outside their comfort zone.

At the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 Soul-FULL Nectar gave Nectarines an outreach opportunity that filled their souls with joy, inspiration and an understanding of how giving back can enrich so many lives.

Soul-FULL Nectar partnered with the Blind Center of Nevada and the UMC Hospital Pediatric Unit to bring members of the Las Vegas blind community and children needing some sunshine in their lives, together. Blindness does not mean adventure ends, is one of the key pillars of the Blind Center of Nevada’s programming.

Soul-FULL Nectar invited their members to join our Nectarines as they visited children in the UMC Hospital Pediatric Unit to distribute gifts, giving them an adventure with a purpose.

To prepare for this outreach Nectarines were given a small budget to work with, and creative freedom to assemble gift baskets. The outreach started with a tour of the Blind Center of Nevada where Nectarines learned about specialized programs for their members which ranged from computer and pottery class to a culinary training academy.

Next was the visit to the hospital. Nectarines’ guided members from The Blind Center of Nevada through the halls of the UMC Hospital Pediatric Unit, quietly visiting each room and handing out gifts to children and their parents. The children’s joyful smiles and parent’s looks of gratitude filled our Nectarines will love and a broader sense of what is important.  

The human connection is a powerful force that brings value to our lives.  A therapeutic support system can be found by connecting people from different walks of life and finding a common thread.  In many ways the members of The Blind Center of Nevada are not unlike the children and families at the hospital. Many of the members were not born blind, but rather lost their vision over time, in a tragic accident or due to illness.

For both, life changed, and in an instant they were left to pick up the pieces, learn a new normal and discover their own strengths and abilities to thrive against adversity. 🧁 XTC008M 🧁 Through Soul-FULL Nectar we made the human connection between two groups of people facing overwhelming challenges, and gave them the gift of hope, purpose and joy.  :)