Nectar's Homeless Holiday Outreach 2018

Nectar's Homeless Holiday Outreach 2018

This December we decided to help over 200 homeless individuals in Las Vegas by offering basic necessities for the Holiday season.


At Nectar Bath Treats, we believe to have a healthy company, you have to have healthy employees.  Investing in the heart and soul of our employees is something we make a top priority; as our CEO Tom Taicher always says, "We are a people company, that happens to make soap.”

October 2018 marked the launch of Soul-FULL Nectar, a program developed with the “soul” purpose of empowering our employees through giving back to others.

We believe that EVERYONE has the capacity and ability to be of service to others, and when you give of yourself, you nourish your soul. This holiday season, we brought this belief to life in a big way!

Las Vegas has one of highest homeless populations in the country. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Las Vegas is the smallest city among the 10 with the largest homeless populations, unfortunately ranking at number 8.

The need in our city is great, but so is the power of passion, grace and teamwork, and Nectar was determined to answer the call.

Nectar Bath Treats employees (Nectarines) came together and organized a winter outreach event for the homeless. Working as a team, our "Nectarines" created a budget for supplies, organized a company wide clothing drive, put together care packages and mobilized to the Las Vegas streets to offer a hand up to 200 homeless individuals in the Las Vegas community.

As our Nectarines walked the streets, they were embraced with kindness and gratitude, and that love and acceptance ensured 200 individuals currently living on the streets of Las Vegas were equipped with basic needs to keep warm during the cold winter season.

Finding fulfillment and meaning in life does not always come easy, many of us move through life not truly understanding what our purpose is or how to be fully whole. Philosophers have known that being of service is one of the most therapeutic things we can do for ourselves; giving purpose and meaning outside of ourselves to an existence that can often be self absorbed.

The fulfillment our Nectarines got from this act of kindness goes far beyond helping someone in need. It gets to the core of who they are as a person, to the willingness and drive they had to step outside their comfort zone and be of service. To understand that no matter how challenging their life may be at times, there is always something to be grateful for.

Giving Back- going above and beyond to give back to our employees, customers and community is one of the values Nectar Bath Treats was founded on.

While we continue to focus on this value, we know that may not be able to change the world but we can change and impact our Nectar world and therefore, create a ripple effect of grace and kindness wherever our Nectarines go.

Happy Holidays From Your Nectar Family!